Vanessa Liston

Kildare County Council

As  Councillor for the Celbridge community, Kildare, I look forward to working for change in how our voice is heard on the many issues facing our community.  Open information, proper influence and full transparency in decision-making is absolutely essential for better services and infrastructure, and for excellence in climate action.

My priorities are outlined below. My aim is to Raise our Voice in new ways in creating a better and sustainable future for Celbridge.

Join the new Green Forum to drive new ideas and powerful momentum for climate action and biodiversity recovery. 


I aim to be a Councillor who informs, listens and raises your voice in Council. I will establish Community Round Table meetings on your priority issues so that the full range of views in the community on different local issues can be heard before decisions are made. With your held and informed by the Forum’s ideas and support I will:

  • Work for an effective public transport service and for accelerated action on traffic congestion
  • Support local business opportunities for a smart, low-carbon local economy
  • Foster community energy initiatives & work together on all actions aimed at reducing carbon emissions
  • Build on the work of others in getting sufficient and effective policing
  • Ensure the development of a high quality & reliable water service
  • Push for a significant development of a quality cycling infrastructure
  • Ensure development of housing in a way that contributes to the sustainable development of Celbridge
  • Develop strategies with Local Authority planning and housing responsibilities for people affected by homelessness, high rents and lack of affordable or suitable houses.
  • Make our existing amenity in Castletown and its forests safer and crime free
  • Increase number and accessibility of EV charging points in Celbridge
  • Work for the development of a Celbridge 2030 vision that can guide a joined up approach to a more ambitious approach to reducing the need for car use and achieving a carbon-free Celbridge

I will work for young people and their needs, aiming to secure new amenities and resources in a way that strengthens the influence of young peoples’ voices in Council.

Specifically, I will work for:

  • Skate parks and playgrounds for youth and children
  • New measures to protect the safety of children going to school
  • Full-time youth worker
  • Increase the influence of young people by creating strong links between youth, their groups and Council, thereby learning how local government works and how they can have their voice heard.

Information and community engagement in planning is essential for achieving sustainable development of Celbridge and for meeting our targets on climate change.
For this reason, I will work for:


  • Easy and open access to essential information & data on all of the issues facing Celbridge (e.g. transport data, water quality, etc)
  • Regular updates on Local Area Plan objectives (e.g. status of the skatepark objective etc)
  • A new public meeting regarding submissions before decision-making on critical planning and development issues. This is to increase the level of understanding and transparency of how plans are made and how the community’s voices are heard.

Working Together for Change..

Get Involved

I would love to hear from you to discuss your issues or ideas. Please contact me in any of the following ways and I will get straight back to you. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Twitter: @listonv
Tel: 086 140 8681

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News & Updates 

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Thank to everyone who came to the first meeting of the Green Forum in the Acre Project, Celbridge last Wednesday 4th Dec. The idea behind the Forum is to connect everyone interested in climate change and biodiversity recovery and to mobilise for concrete actions that...

Update on Grand Canal Greenway

This is an update from Council in response to a query from a resident about the Grand Canal Greenway, specifically about when development was going to start on the section between Ardclough & Sallins and Grange Castle & Hazelhatch. The entire length of...

Public meeting on Climate Adaptation Strategy

On Friday 5th July, we had a very successful public meeting on Kildare County Council's climate adaptation strategy. Hosted by Ciara Galvin and myself, it was an active session of information sharing and questions to the Council represented by Director of Services,...

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